Water Damage in Miami is Expensive – Stay Away From It At All Costs

Water Damage in MiamiWater damages causes more home problems than any other home repairs. It is the one thing you always want to avoid as it can cause mildew and even foundation issues, which are even more expensive to repair. First, you must assess the problem and move on to doing something to stop it before it’s too late.

Where does this water damage come from? Obviously, there is a risk when you live in areas where tornadoes or hurricanes hit. Expert plumbing contractors in Miami FL suggest that water damages can also come from drains or pipes that leak or even from outside pipes that experience obstruction from things like tree root growth.


How to Prevent Water Damage

Preventing water damage is a whole lot cheaper than paying for repairs. Here are three easy prevention tips. Water damage is the No. 1 culprit that weakens your home’s foundation and the very core that holds your house together.

You’ve heard about core strength for your body. Well, water damage hits at the core strength of your house, eventually causing serious structural damage. Damp wood invites termites and carpenter ants; plus, it causes mold and mildew.


Besides causing home damages, water problems in Dade County Florida can also cause other expenses. For instance, did you know that your insurance rates goes up when you make a water damage claim.  And in some cases, your insurance company may even drop your policy, which means you’ll need to find a new insurance carrier.


Claims That Boost Your Insurance Rates

When should you make an insurance claim?

For many, the answer is a no-brainer: “Whenever I have an accident or suffer damage to my house or car.”Unfortunately, the decision about whether to file a claim is rarely so simple. In some cases, making a claim may cause an insurance company to raise your rates. In other instances, the decision to file a claim could put your name into a database that makes it difficult to get or maintain coverage in the future.


Bottom Line

So what do you do? The solution lies in preventing water damage, and you can do that by performing periodic inspections and routine plumbing repairs.  It will cost you a lot less  to perform small repairs and routine inspections than it will to fix water damage issues. How often should you call in the plumbing expert? Insurance experts suggest you call an expert plumber to inspect the water heater and the pipes at least once a year.



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