DIY Guide On How To Unblock A Drain In Fort Lauderdale FL

how to unblock a drain in Fort Lauderdale FLClogged drains are not unusual occurrences in homes. Because of your drains’ exposure to several types of waste materials and substances, we just can’t prevent them from getting blocked up. Unless you clean your drain pipes every day, I’m pretty sure that sooner or later, you’ll discover that your sink won’t drain or that your toilet won’t flush. If ever you’re faced with such a predicament, follow these steps to get rid of the clog.

1. Pour a kettle of boiling hot water into the drain. If the blockage is only caused by solidified grease, it will be easy to break the clog down and liquefy it with the temperature of the hot water.

2. If this solution doesn’t work, get your good old baking soda and vinegar from the cupboard. Pour a cup of baking soda into the drain hole and then follow it up with a cup of vinegar. Let the two ingredients combine and result to a chemical reaction that will fizz out the sticky substances inside the pipe.

3. When the clog persists, make use of your plunger. Fill the sink or tub with water and position the plunger right at the center of the hole. Make sure that the rubber part of your plunger is covered in water. If it is, start plunging. Repeat the process for about 15 times until the clog is removed.

4. If the blockage is still there, it’s time to hook it out. Insert your plumbing snake into the drain. Keep on turning the crank clockwise to push it further inside. When it touches on a solid object, push the snake in while still turning the crank clockwise. This action will break the clog. If you no longer feel any solid material in there, slowly pull the snake out and dispose the waste properly.

5. When these methods are still not enough to get rid of the clog, you should disconnect the sink trap and hook the clog out from there.

I hope that my blog today has given you enough tips on how to unblock a drain in Fort Lauderdale FL. To ensure that your drains are always in their best condition, use natural drain cleaners regularly. And if you need professional plumbing help, just to schedule services call.

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