Budget Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Projects Done Your Way

bathroom remodelA bathroom remodel can be very expensive but it doesnt have to be. Even when you  can’t afford a full bathroom remodel, there are a few things you can do to change the look of your bathroom. Most of these ideas are fairly simple, and when they do require the help of a profesional plumbing service company, the time involved in the project is not extensive,  which means it’s not an expensive project you need to save up a lot of money for.

Easy DIY Bathroom Projects

Create an unexpected look by trading a vanity for a versatile wall-mount laundry sink accompanied by floating shelving. Keep the grand sink from becoming an eyesore by dressing it up with easy-to-apply, self-adhesive wallpaper tiles. Center the pattern on the sink’s front and then carefully wrap it around the corners. Place seams on the sides, matching patterns as you go; trim to fit. Shelves hung beside and below the sink provide valuable storage space.


O.K so what if you need something major done? What if you need to install a new toilet? Well, this isn’t as major an issue as you might think. A licensed plumbing company may charge you a few hundred dollars, but you can also try this as a DIY project. Just understand what you are getting into before you start this project.


How to Install a Toilet

Is your toilet cracked or damaged? Did your kid flush something that’s blocking the line? Are you looking to upgrade your commode? There are plenty of reasons for installing a toilet, and many homeowners call in a plumber to get it done. However, if you’re reasonably handy, consider trying this one yourself and saving a few bucks. Installing a toilet is a great DIY project, and just imagine the sense of accomplishment (and relief) when you finish. This tutorial will walk you through it step-by-step.


Bottom Line

A bathroom remodeling project doesn’t have to be difficult. Even changing the curtains and bathroom accesories can make a big difference. And these aren’t expensive changes. But if your faucets or toilets are leaking and old, it may be more cost efficient for you to call in a professional plumber consultant.


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