So you’re looking for something for home improvement, huh?

Well, I’m glad you are here in merryskitchen.com! My name is Eric and my wife is Merry. We created this blog together with a vision to provide help, especially in improving your home.

I offer some helpful resources about plumbing, home improvements, interior designs, gardening, and other tools to make any day productive. Meanwhile, my wife’s heart is in the kitchen as she finds ways to recreate meal plans, make new recipes, and make a healthy bunch of snacks to share to all of you. She will also teach you some good ol’ parenting styles that always work for us. We can also be your best friends and we’ll hear you out on whatever kind of situation you’re in when at home – from plumbing problems, to home design dilemmas. ;)

So folks, if there is anything that we could do to help, feel free to leave some messages. I’m pretty sure our community here will build relationships at the point of really helping each other out. Now if you’re in need of our expertise, just read through our latest posts. I hope you find something informative to help you out. Cheers!

Eric & Merry