How To Repair A Leaking Pipe In Miami Beach FL

leaking pipe miami beachWater leaks may seem like a harmless occurrence, but in truth it can be damaging. A leak starts as a small drip, and then gets bigger and bigger until it starts to cause significant property damage. Don’t wait until a small leak evolves into major disaster. Learn how to spot water leaks before they start to cause costly damages.

One of the most common water leaks in the home is due to a leaking pipe. A leaking pipe is generally easy to fix. The tricky part is identifying where the leaking pipe is because most pipes are hidden underneath floors and inside cement walls.

Other common water leaks are due to rust, corrosion, cracks, and too much pressure. Water leaks found in toilet, faucets, dishwasher and washing machine are also included in the list of common water leaks in the home. This article will explain more about other common water leaks any homeowner should be aware of:

Top 10 Most Common Water Leaks

Water leaks are serious issues with your home that you must remedy as soon as you discover them. Water leaks can cause immense property damage, as water encourages the development of mold and can damage the structure of your home. Water leaks can also waste large amounts of water, which can cost you a great deal of money. To prevent water leaks in your home, it can be helpful to know some of the most common water leaks.

Most water leaks can be easily fixed even by inexperienced DIYers, but some require intermediate plumbing skills. In particular, fixing a leaky pipe is difficult and time consuming as it involves soldering. Soldering torch should only be used by experienced or trained hands, or it can turn a minor leak into a big emergency leak.

What to do if you have leaking pipes? An article by This Old House gives handy tips on how to fix leaking pipes without using a soldering torch. According to the article, instead of soldering, a simple alternative is to cut out the damaged section. To fix a leaky elbow fitting, you will need an easy-to-install connector. This Quick-Fix connector is a flexible yet strong pipe connector commonly used to replace an elbow joint that is leaking. Lastly, if you have a pinhole leak, it can be fixed with the use of a stainless-steel pipe repair clamp. Learn more about the ways to repair a leaky pipe below:

No-Sweat Plumbing Repairs

Most homeowners have the skills and confidence to tackle minor plumbing problems, like dripping faucets and clogged drains. But even moderately experienced do-it-yourselfers hesitate when it comes to repairing leaky water-supply lines, especially if it involves soldering. And that’s wise because it only takes one mistake to turn a small leak into a flash flood. Here, we’ll show you how to make repairs to both copper and galzanized-iron pipes without using a soldering torch.

Through this post, I hope you learned how to repair a  leaking pipe miami beach. If you ever need to hire a plumbing contractor, call Douglas Orr Plumbing at 305-887-1687, 954-522-8282 or 1-800-DOUG-ORR to schedule a service! Tip: before you seek professional help, knowing how to find leaking pipe underground can help speed up repair time.

Are you considering adding an outdoor shower to your home? Watch this video by Douglas Orr Plumbing to get some outdoor shower design ideas for your home.

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The Best Ways To Clear Clogged Drain Naturally In Miami Springs FL

Natural cleaners. Vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon.Clogged drains are a big problem for every homeowner, from hair in the bathroom to food clogs in the kitchen. These problems are pretty common and most households usually deal with them by using harsh chemicals to clear up these clogs. Admit it, you’ve made that trip to the grocery store to pick up a bottle or two of these drain cleaners. These harsh chemicals and drain cleaners will eventually take its toll on your pipes, your fixtures, and your septic system, not to mention the damage it will do in terms of the ground water.

Thankfully there are a lot of options that will help you deal with a clogged drain minus the corrosive chemicals. These alternative options will be safe not just for your home but for your environment as well. An effective and safe solution sitting right in your kitchen? Win-win, right?

Here are some natural drain cleaners you should check out:

4 Effective & Natural DIY Drain Cleaners

The problem with commercial drain cleaners is they corrode pipes, are bad for septic systems, are toxic to ground water, and they can damage the materials that your sink or tub are made of. I recently had to change the drain and fixtures on my bathroom sink due to corrosion from commercial cleaners. After that experience, I decided to try non-toxic and far less corrosive methods for clearing pipes.

What did we tell you? There plenty of natural and safe drain cleaning options sitting right in your kitchen shelves. Who knew you could do so much with just baking soda or vinegar? Some combinations also include plain baking soda or vinegar with salt and borax. Before you pour it down the drain, try seeing if you can dig up some the gunk that’s accumulated in your drain pipe. If that doesn’t work, you can loosen up the debris by using a plunger. Now that you have the drain cleaner of your choice in your arsenal, it’s time to put it to work! You should, however, remember that in order for these drain cleaners to work effectively, you’re going to need to give them a bit more time compared to store-bought corrosive ones. These ingredients are also great for maintenance of your pipes.

Here are some steps you can take:

How to Clear a Clogged Drain with Vinegar

If you’ve noticed standing water in your tub or your kitchen sink draining slowly, you probably have a clogged drain. Fortunately, if caught early you can clear a clogged drain using common household items. Vinegar, baking soda, borax, and lots of hot water are simple, yet effective tools in clearing slow-draining sinks.

There you have it! I hope these tips help you clear clogged drain naturally in Miami Springs FL! Here are other home remedies for clogged drains that you might want to read. If your drains still need help, reach out to You can also call them at the following numbers: 305-662-0668 (Miami-Dade County FL), 954-468-0512 (Broward County FL), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach County FL). If you still need figuring out how to fix a kitchen drink drain, here’s a video to explain it better.

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Beautiful Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas In Lauderhill FL

bathroom wallpaper ideas in Lauderhill FLEven if the bathroom is among the most private spaces in our home, it still needs to be kept beautiful, clean and functional. If you are planning for an upcoming renovation, you can choose among applying paint, tiles or wallpapers to make your personal me-time area more comfortable and pleasing to your eyes. Most people prefer tiles because they are quite resilient even with constant exposure to water. Some love paint because it’s simpler and easier to apply. And then there are also those people who love wallpapers. If you are one of them, here are some tips to ensure that you’ll buy the right one for your bathroom.

Tips for Choosing Wallpaper

Yes, the choice of wallpapers can be daunting, but allow yourself time to peruse as many wallpaper books as you can find. Many types of wallcoverings are available. Each requires slightly different preparation, application, and finishing work according to its characteristics:

Standard papers are inexpensive and generally easy to hang. Just be careful not to tug on the paper too hard as you position and reposition the sheets on the wall.

Vinyl-coated papers have a paper backing and a paper surface that’s sealed with a liquid vinyl. This seal makes the wallcovering washable, meaning that you can safely sponge it off with soapy water.

I hope you that read the entire article because the tips that were shared are really helpful. Apparently, even the material and the color of the wallpaper can affect the overall look of a room. You surely would want something that will go well with your room’s theme so take extra care when making a choice. Now just to give you options to choose from, here’s another article you should check out.


The bathroom’s sink and bath fittings and tub are by Michael S. Smith for Kallista, the custom-made washstand is by Urban Archaeology, the wallpaper is by Elizabeth Dow, and the chair is antique. In the guest bath of a home in Sharon, Connecticut, the Casa Di Whitney wallpaper is by Tyler Hall and the bathtub is from AF New York. The marble sink in the powder room of a home in Florida is set into an antique Victorian faux-bamboo dressing table, the ceramic seat is from Mecox Gardens, and the walls are papered in Lyford Trellis by China Seas.

I hope that you loved these bathroom wallpaper ideas in Lauderhill FL I shared with you today. Learn how to keep it in good condition by reading this article about bathroom wallpaper maintenance tips. And should you need professional plumbers in your home, just call Plumbers 911 Florida!

Are you also in need of kitchen remodeling services? Watch this video now to learn more about Plumbers 911 Florida!

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DIY Guide On How To Unblock A Drain In Fort Lauderdale FL

how to unblock a drain in Fort Lauderdale FLClogged drains are not unusual occurrences in homes. Because of your drains’ exposure to several types of waste materials and substances, we just can’t prevent them from getting blocked up. Unless you clean your drain pipes every day, I’m pretty sure that sooner or later, you’ll discover that your sink won’t drain or that your toilet won’t flush. If ever you’re faced with such a predicament, follow these steps to get rid of the clog.

1. Pour a kettle of boiling hot water into the drain. If the blockage is only caused by solidified grease, it will be easy to break the clog down and liquefy it with the temperature of the hot water.

2. If this solution doesn’t work, get your good old baking soda and vinegar from the cupboard. Pour a cup of baking soda into the drain hole and then follow it up with a cup of vinegar. Let the two ingredients combine and result to a chemical reaction that will fizz out the sticky substances inside the pipe.

3. When the clog persists, make use of your plunger. Fill the sink or tub with water and position the plunger right at the center of the hole. Make sure that the rubber part of your plunger is covered in water. If it is, start plunging. Repeat the process for about 15 times until the clog is removed.

4. If the blockage is still there, it’s time to hook it out. Insert your plumbing snake into the drain. Keep on turning the crank clockwise to push it further inside. When it touches on a solid object, push the snake in while still turning the crank clockwise. This action will break the clog. If you no longer feel any solid material in there, slowly pull the snake out and dispose the waste properly.

5. When these methods are still not enough to get rid of the clog, you should disconnect the sink trap and hook the clog out from there.

I hope that my blog today has given you enough tips on how to unblock a drain in Fort Lauderdale FL. To ensure that your drains are always in their best condition, use natural drain cleaners regularly. And if you need professional plumbing help, just to schedule services call.

Find out how you can avoid clogging your sink drain. Watch this video now!

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Beautiful Miramar FL Bathroom Color Schemes You’ll Want For Your Home

Miramar FL bathroom color schemesPart of an overall bathroom renovation project is changing the color scheme of the room. Though it’s pretty exciting and fun to play around with colors, you’ll still have to be careful. You surely don’t want your bathroom to end up like a rendition of Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And so without further ado, let me just share with you some tips that you’ll find really helpful for such a meticulous task. I know not everyone has interior decorating skills hence read on and take these guidelines to heart.

10 Tips For Choosing The Right Bathroom Colors

Making the right color choices for your home can sometimes be intimidating, especially if those color choices are attached to large price tags. In the kitchen and bathroom, most color selections, from floor to ceiling, can seem very permanent (tile) and very expensive (cabinets).

As most Apartment Therapy readers have noticed, color inspiration can come from anywhere but not all colors work everywhere. The trick is finding the right colors for you and for your room. We’ve put together a list of tips to consider when choosing a “no regrets” color scheme for your kitchen or bathroom.

The article above was very informative indeed. I loved what the author said about not underestimating the effect that a good lighting will add to the room. I believe she’s also right to prioritize the colors of the least flexible elements in the room such as the cabinets and the countertops. Of course, you’ll have to consider the right color that will work with granite or marble tops. Unless you’re willing to let the countertop go and switch to another cabinetry style, you’ll have to pick out adaptable hues. Anyway, I know you’re quite excited about your remodeling so before you head out to the paint shop, check out some of these beautiful color schemes presented on a popular home and DIY website.

Beautiful Bathroom Color Schemes

From soothing to chic and sassy, these hues and color combos have the ability to transform the look of a humdrum bathroom. Warm colors like orange and red represent energy, while cool blues and greens have a soothing and calming effect, the makings of an ideal spa-style color palette. To start, choose a blue or green color you really like, and don’t shy away from darker tones.

I hope that you loved these Miramar FL bathroom color schemes and tips that I shared with you today. If you are doing home projects by yourself, it will be wise to also read about universal bathroom remodeling design to get ideas, concepts, tricks and of course, more guidelines. Should you need the assistance of plumbing professionals for such a task, just visit and schedule an appointment with them!

Learn how to paint your bathroom the right way. Watch this video uploaded by HowCast.

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How A Hot Water Heater Works In Florida City

how a hot water heater works in Florida CityYou surely will complain when you find out that your water heater is no longer functional. That’s normal. It has long been a part of households for the reason that it provides a great deal of inconvenience to us. However, have you ever really thought about how it works its magic? Well, magic may be a bit too much to use but seriously, heating systems are amusing. For starters, learn more about a gas hot water heater. Read this article and learn how it gives you water for your morning coffee.

How A Gas Water Heater Works

The standard “tank type” water heater is found in most homes and with just a little maintenance, provides years of trouble free operation. Unlike tankless water heaters which have no storage stank, the tank type water heater heats cold water and stores the hot water until it is needed. This tutorial will give you a clear understanding of the components which make up the tank type gas water heater.

The gas water heater works by a law of physics called convection which loosely paraphrased, states that heat rises. Now please don’t run off just because I said “physics”. Heat rising and convection is a simple rule that you live with everyday and a hot water tank is no exception. Cold water is supplied to the tank and injected at the bottom of the tank through a dip tube. The denser cold water stays there and is heated by the gas burner.

So it looks like a gas water heater has several parts including the gas supply lines and shut off valves, the T&P valve (which I’m pretty sure is also present in other types of heating units), the overflow pipe, gas burner control, flue, water supply lines, tank insulation, dip tube, drain valve and gas burner. It’s pretty much the same as electric water heaters except for the gas supply, burner and burner control parts. Anyway, let’s learn more about electric heaters then! Read this article.

How An Electric Water Heater Works

Typical household water heater has 2 heating elements called upper and lower elements. Elements are controlled by upper and lower thermostats. Each element is connected to a thermostat. Thermostats read temperature through side of tank wall and turn elements ON and OFF. Residential water heater thermostats can be manually set to temperatures between 90º to 150º. Some 170º. Higher thermostat settings use more electricity.

I hope that you’re now familiar as to how a hot water heater works in Florida City. In case you’re planning on installing a new heating system for your home, read this article that features a  water heater installation guide. And if you need professional plumbing help, don’t forget to call Douglas Orr Plumbing at 305-887-1687 or 954-522-8282!

Learn how to fix leaking pipes in your property! Watch Douglas Orr Plumbing’s video and get effective tips!

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Are Cheap Bathroom Renovations In Coral Gables FL Possible?

cheap bathroom renovations in Coral Gables FLA bathroom remodeling is truly exciting. Imagine the thrill of seeing your toilet and bath in a whole new look. It’s pretty like undergoing a fashion makeover only that it’s this part of your home that you’re excited for. However, one thing that thwarts the progress of most bathroom renovations is the homeowner’s finances. Let’s be real here. Renovations cost money. So if you are on a tight budget, read this article below that help you lessen your expenses.

Surface Bathroom Remodeling Is Easy, Fast, and Cheap

Bathroom remodeling is second only to kitchen remodeling in terms of pain, misery, dust, cost, and unmet-timetables.

You might say: “There is no such thing as an easy and cheap bathroom remodel,” I add that when we use words like “easy and cheap” it is relative to the entire bathroom remodeling process. Of course, it’s never fast and inexpensive when you’re dealing with plumbing, electrical, flooring, and more–all in a confined space that is so crucial to our lives.

The article indeed delivered a lot of practical tips for a beautiful yet affordable bathroom renovation. And the author is right in so many ways. For instance, he has a point when it comes to replacing tubs. If yours is still okay and just a little stained or has repairable hairline cracks / scratches on it, you can just clean it and use a tub repair kit to make it look good again. Replacement would mean more money. Now if you are not into surface remodeling so much, here are a few bathroom ideas for less.

8 Bathroom Design & Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

So you’re ready to redecorate and redesign your bathroom. But dropping $20,000 on a deluxe spa retreat is light years away from what you can afford to spend. Here’s the good news: You don’t need mega-bucks to transform your bathroom into a relaxing, cool space. There are plenty of ways to renovate and redesign on a budget.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report, an average bathroom remodel costs around $10,500 while an upscale remodel is going to run you a hefty $26,000. However, if you do the work yourself and get creative, This Old House estimates that you can do a remodel for $1,000 to $3,000, or even less, depending on how much you want to change.

I hope that you learned a lot about cheap bathroom renovations in Coral Gables FL. Also read about bathroom remodeling tricks to make the project easier. And should you need professional assistance, don’t hesitate to call Douglas Orr Plumbing at 305-887-1687 or 954-522-8282 or visit their website at!

Learn how to repair leaking pipes in your home. Watch this video to learn some tricks from the best Miami plumber!

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Tips And Resources About Home Plumbing Repair In Miami Springs FL

home plumbing repair in Miami Springs FL

Part of your responsibilities as a homeowner is to ensure that your property is in great condition. And I’m not only talking about your house’s structure but I’m also pertaining to your plumbing, too. Who would ever want to put up with broken faucets, leaking shower knobs or say, clogged toilets forever? I’m pretty sure you won’t. And that is why it is only wise to have basic plumbing skills. Adequate know-how will save you from a lot of unexpected trouble. So just to give you ideas about the most common plumbing issues you have to get ready for, check this article out.

Common Plumbing Problems And How To Fix Them

There are many different plumbing problems that can spring up in the average home. Some plumbing problems are more common than others. Some of the most common plumbing problems are also quite easy to fix. Doing the repairs for these common plumbing problems yourself can save you hundreds of dollars.

When someone complains about having low water pressure it is usually at the sink faucet. The first thing to check is if the low water pressure is affecting both the hot and cold water. If both the hot and cold have low pressure the most likely cause is the aerator. Calcium deposits slowly build up in the faucet aerator and reduce the water pressure. A blocked aerator is a very easy thing to fix. To clean out a faucet aerator carefully remove the aerator, clean out any debris and build up on it and put it back on.

According to the write-up, among the usual plumbing issues that might spring up at home include low water pressure, slow drains, running toilets and jammed garbage disposal systems. As long as you have the skills, the tools and the patience, you should be able to resolve these problems on your own. Now as medical experts say, “Prevention is better than cure.” This is a principle that can be applied in plumbing. With this said, here’s a compilation of tips that will help you keep your home plumbing in tip-top shape. Read and learn!

Four Home Plumbing Repair Tips

When kitchen or bathroom faucet repairs go bad, they can be a nightmare. Professional plumbers share their solutions for disassembly and repair problems, with tips about when to give up and buy a new faucet.

Slice down the side of the cap with a rotary tool and a cutting wheel. Don’t worry about cutting the plastic seal (you’ll be replacing that). But avoid cutting into the brass threads.

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips and resources with regard to home plumbing repair in Miami Springs FL. Check out the list of must-have DIY plumbing tools to make sure that you have the right supplies for your home repair projects. And should you need professional plumbing help, just visit or call them at 305-887-1687 or 954-522-8282!

Learn how to repair leaking pipes at home. Watch this video to get tips from your Miami plumber!

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Quick Tip: Read Water Heater Reviews In South Miami FL Before Shopping

Technician repairing an hot-water heater

When you have to buy an appliance or a gadget, do you simply go to the shopping mall, look for a model you like and make the purchase right then and there? Or do you do your homework first and research? I personally love reading product specifications and reviews first before shopping for expensive electronics and what-nots. I do that because I just want to make sure that I’ll be getting my money’s worth. And the same thing applies when you’re buying a water heating system. Don’t be an impulse buyer and instead read water heater reviews first to be able to weigh if it’s the right model and brand for you. To help you learn about water heaters, read this buying guide.

A Guide To Water heaters

Standard storage tank water heaters typically need to be replaced after about a decade, but they can last years longer with some homeowner maintenance. When the time comes to buy a new one, there are more options for consumers to consider.

Although much more efficient than they used to be, most water heaters still work they same way they have for generations — by keeping a giant pot of water piping hot just in case you need some.Cold water is piped in through a long tube (called the “dip tube”) to the bottom of the tank where it is heated by a gas or electric burner much like those on your stove. The warmer water rises naturally and is drawn out of the top of the tank as needed.

Angie’s List provided really pertinent information about how a water heater works and what types of maintenance are needed to keep it in great shape. Now going back to our main topic, let me share this article that features customer reviews of different water heater brands, types and models. Hopefully, this will help you pick out the unit that’s best for your home.

Water Heater Reviews

 Water heaters consume about 25 percent of a home’s total energy usage, but they are a necessity for every home. Newer models aim to conserve energy through alternative fuels, technologies and even solar power. Editors evaluate dozens of expert reviews and thousands of owner opinions to identify the best electric, gas, hybrid and tankless water heaters.

I hope that you learned the importance of reading water heater reviews in South Miami FL before purchasing one. Also read about the different types of water heaters to figure out what suits your needs the most. Should you need water heater services, don’t hesitate to visit or call them at 305-662-0668 (Miami-Dade County FL), 954-468-0512 (Broward County FL), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach County FL)!

Learn why Plumbers 911 Florida is the best solution for your plumbing needs. Watch this video now.

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Serve Delectable Grilled Lamb Chops Cooked In Perfection

grilled lamb chops

Image courtesy of Suat Eman at

Lamb chops are meat cuts that are specifically made by cutting in the area perpendicular to the spine of a young lamb, preferably under a year old. Chops are usually served with the bone in and are known for their tenderness and very distinct flavors. If you haven’t introduced lamb to your family, why not schedule try grilling lamb chops this weekend? Your kids will surely love them, too! See why this meat’s popularity has and is continuously increasing over the years. Here’s a delicious recipe to get you started!

Grilled Lamb Chops Recipe

In a food processor fitted with a metal blade add the garlic, rosemary, thyme, cayenne, and salt. Pulse until combined. Pour in olive oil and pulse into a paste. Rub the paste on both sides of the lamb chops and let them marinate for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator. Remove from refrigerator and allow the chops to come to room temperature; it will take about 20 minutes.

Obviously, the recipe is a breeze to follow. You won’t need too many ingredients and in fact, you’ll only make use of a few herbs and spices. With the help of your reliable food processor, you can concoct a special rub to infuse more flavors into your meat. Now there are some things that you have to remember when cooking lamb. Surely it’s different than pork or beef, therefore, should be handled differently. Here’s an informative article that will give you a handful of valuable tips!

How to Grill Perfect Lamb Rib or Loin Chops

Lamb’s always a point of contention in my house. I love the rich, unique flavor and wondrous, delicious fat of lamb, while my wife opts out of it for the exact same reasons. In researching for this lamb-grilling guide, I may have finally swayed her to my side with a set of perfectly grilled lamb chops, further solidifying my notion that the grill makes just about everything better.

So whether you’re a lamb love, hater, or somewhere in between, it’s worth trying your hand at lamb on the grill. It’s one of the greatest ways to cook this incredible meat.

I hope that you loved the grilled lamb chops recipe I shared with you today. To make sure that you’ll cook the finest chops, also read this article about how to buy lamb. And if you need a barbecue grill for your home, get one from or call them at 1-800-338-1323!

Learn time-saving tips for your La Caja China barbecue grillers! Watch this video now.

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How To Effectively Unclog Kitchen Sink In North Miami Beach FL

unclog kitchen sink in North Miami Beach FLHow often does your kitchen sink get clogged? Probably not too often, I hope. Ours get clogged about two times in the last three years. Pretty impressive rate, huh? The secrets to having a kitchen sink drain in good condition are cleaning and discipline. It should be cleared off of sticky substances at least every week with the use of natural drain cleaners. You should also prevent stringy and greasy substances from getting into the pipes to avoid blockages. Now I believe I’ve already shared resources on how to get rid of sink clogs. So for today, I want to get more specific and focus on two common kitchen sink blockage culprits: potato peels and grease. And I want to quote these suggestion from an online resource I found that talks about getting rid of potato skin from the drainpipes:

“A plunger may work, but it may also make the problem worse. Draino willl take days and Gallons because the starch in potato peels gives it a resilience. The best way to fix this problem is to empty the trap. The trap is the U shaped part of the drain pipe under the sink. Yes, you can handle this. Take large adjustable pliers and loosen the slip nuts holding the trap on. Be sure to put a basket under the trap first to catch the water being held in the trap. When the nuts are loosened liggle the trap loose, remove and clean it out. Look down the drain in the sink, it should be clear of debris and you should be able to see clearly into the bucket. If this is also clogged I suggest using a wire hanger. Stick one end down the drain and turn it until all the waste is clear. Now that everything is clean, put the drain trap back on. be sure not to tighten these nuts to hard. They may even be made of plastic so be careful. After the trap is on, run some water and check for leaks. If you are still clogged, the peels made there way past the trap. Now try liquid plumber or draino.. If this does not work try to find someone that knows about plumbing.. If this fails call a plumber and get out the check book.. Good Luck.” (See full article here.)

So apparently, you have to detach the trap under the sink to hook the potato peels out of the system. It’s really time-consuming isn’t it? So the next time you think about peeling 10 pounds of potatoes in your kitchen sink, remember to install screen traps so the peelings won’t go straight into the hole. Anyway, another common culprit of sink clogs is grease. I’m sure you know that pouring used oil down the drain is a big NO. But sometimes, you just can’t help it. Here’s a guide on how to get rid of grease.

How to Unclog Grease From a Sink

Kitchen sinks tend to clog when grease is poured down the drains. Once the grease cools down inside the pipes, it turns into a solid mass that creates a blockage. You can prevent clogs caused by solidified grease by pouring grease in a can and disposing of the can rather than pouring the grease down the drain. If you have already poured grease down the drain and now have a clogged sink, you can dissolve the grease with hot water.

I hope you enjoyed reading these articles on how to unclog kitchen sink in North Miami Beach FL! Also read about other effective drain uncloggers to expand your DIY skills. And should you need professional plumbing help, just call Douglas Orr Plumbing at 305-887-1687 or 954-522-8282!

Cleaning will keep your drains trouble-free! Watch this video to learn how to properly clean your sink drain!

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Hassle-Free Ways To Unclog A Toilet In West Park FL

ways to unclog a toiletA clogged toilet is not a pleasant surprise to wake up to in the morning. Though it’s relatively easy to remove toilet blockages, we all know that the job is dirty, time-consuming and of course, energy-draining. Who can ever forget pumping that plunger several times before the soiled water finally gets flushed down? Who can ever love scooping overflowing water from the john? I bet no one! I personally hate it but you know what they say, “it’s a man’s job” — or a woman’s if your wife’s okay dealing with clog problems. I even read somewhere on the internet that a clogged toilet is a man’s worst fear! That’s just funny, isn’t it? He said,

“It’s every man’s worst fear. You’re at someone’s house, you  finish doing your business and flush the toilet, but instead of going down, the water comes up along with whatever you just deposited in the bowl. Would you be paralyzed with panic in that moment? Or do you know what to do?

For some reason, the lot has fallen to men to deal with clogged toilets. I guess in a time when we’re no longer needed to ride out in defense of the tribe,  our toughness is marshaled to do battle in the bathroom. But many men charge in brandishing their plunger but lacking a game plan on how to attack the clog.” (See full article here.)

So anyway, before you pass out at the sight of a bad toilet clog, let me share with you another informative resource. This features nine different ways on how to remove a toilet blockage! Yes, according to WikiHow, they know nine tried-and-tested unclogging methods! This article introduces the use of tools such as the plunger and plumbing snake and also the use of home remedies. So read on and absorb all these information!

9 Ways to Unclog a Toilet

There’s never a good time to plunge a toilet, but clogs seem to happen at the most inopportune moments. Fortunately, you can clear most clogs yourself without having to pay a plumber. Follow these steps, and you should have the problem cleared up before the in-laws come over for dinner. Flush only once. If it’s not flushing the first time, don’t flush again. This will cause more water to be pumped into the toilet bowl. If the toilet becomes clogged, the first flush will not cause the bowl to overflow, but the second flush might.

Put on a pair of rubber gloves. Toilets are inherently unsanitary places to work, but a good pair of rubber cleaning gloves will protect you from any germs within. If you can see the cause of the clog, put on a pair of rubber gloves and remove it from the toilet if possible.

I hope that you learned a lot of ways to unclog a toilet in West Park FL from my post today! If you need more plumbing information such as bathroom cleaning tips, drain unblocker products and updates on where to get cheap plumbing tools, just visit my site often! Now if you need professional help with your plumbing, just look for the most reliable West Park plumbing experts in Broward County FL! Call Plumbers 911 Florida at 305-957-1575 (Miami-Dade County), 954-574-1674 (Broward County) or 561-640-1765 (Palm Beach County)!

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A Guide To Bathroom Sink Plumbing In Bay Harbor Islands FL

bathroom sink plumbing in Bay Harbor IslandsThe sink is a vital part of your bathroom. You’ll get a great deal of comfort and convenience if you have one in your toilet and bath. You can easily wash your face right before going to bed or brush your teeth without using the kitchen sink. So if you don’t have one now or if it’s no longer usable, read on and learn how you can install a new washbasin or replace its broken parts! To start with, let’s learn how to install a new bathroom sink. Read this online article that’s published in a popular website!

Installing Bathroom Sink Plumbing

nstallation of bathroom sink plumbing proceeds in two phases. The first is the rough-in, when you install all the water, drain and vent pipes in the walls and leave them stubbing out at the sink location. In the second, or finishing, phase, you hook the sink and faucet to the stub-outs. The rough-in phase is the one that requires the most plumbing know-how. If it’s done properly, finishing should be problem-free.

The supply, drain and vent pipes for the sink tie into the system of pipes already servicing your bathroom, and the difficulty of the rough-in depends on the system’s overall configuration. Sinks don’t require high volumes of water, so you should be able to branch the 1/2-inch supply lines from the shower or tub. Similarly, you can usually tie the 2-inch drain line into an existing one. It’s important to remember to vent the sink, or it won’t drain properly. The 1 1/2- or 2-inch vent must rise from the drain within 5 feet of the sink trap and either tie into an existing vent or extend through the roof.

If you read the above article, it gave a pretty detailed guide on bathroom sink plumbing installation. I hope you finished the write-up because it really shows the processes involved in such a project. These include the installation of pipes, preparation of the stub-outs and finally, connecting the sink. Just remember to have the right tools and equipment ready to successfully accomplish the task. Anyway, if your washbasin is still in good shape and the only problems are with the faucet or drain, read this DIY guide I found online!


 DIY experts show how to install and mount a faucet with drain assembly. Purchase the drain assembly with the faucet to match its finish and unify the look of your bathroom. It’s a good idea to replace the drain when you replace a faucet. If you do replace the drain, also consider replacing the P-trap and drain tailpiece at this time. In our project, we removed a bathroom faucet and replaced it with a new pop-up drain and faucet. 

Depending on the type of faucet you install, a 4″ faucet with an escutcheon plate or an 8″ faucet without an escutcheon, follow these specific instructions. Small faucet: Place plumber’s tape or joint compound on the threads of the faucet stems. If the faucet includes a rubber gasket, install it on the base of the faucet before inserting the faucet stems in the appropriate holes in the sink. If your faucet doesn’t include a gasket, run a line of caulk under the faucet before installing it so it squeezes out a bit as you put the faucet in place. Use a wet rag to wipe up excess caulk.

I hope that you enjoyed reading these tips on bathroom sink plumbing in Bay Harbor Islands! Visit my blog frequently if you need more resources, tips and tricks for your home plumbing such as ideas on bathroom colour schemes, bathtub faucet repair instructions and points to remember when choosing plumbing valves and fittings. Should you need professional plumbing assistance, just call Plumbers 911 Florida at 305-662-0668 (Miami-Dade), 954-468-0512 (Broward) or 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach)!

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Get The Best Toilet & Faucet Deals From Doral FL Plumbing Trade Supplies Shops

Doral FL plumbing trade suppliesPerforming DIY plumbing repairs and installation isn’t difficult but I must say that it requires a lot of energy and of course time to finally complete projects. Aside from doing all the work yourself, you’ll also have to do your own shopping. So before you take on a plumbing project, you have to be sure that you know the right fixtures, tools and materials to buy. Lucky for you, I would like to share useful tips on how you can purchase the right toilet and faucet for your home. Remember that there are so many brands, types and models of these fixtures in the market. If you won’t buy according to your home’s needs, you just might end up wasting a lot of money. To get us started, read this toilet buying guide!

How to Buy a Toilet

Most homes have a gravity toilet with the tank on the back, but there are other types of toilets. In addition to the type, there are many factors to consider before you buy a toilet. Compare the benefits and disadvantage of the 4 types of toilets to find the right one for your household. The type of toilet also affects the price. Gravity toilets hold water in a tank and drop it into the bowl when the flapper valve is opened during the flush. The flush isn’t particularly loud and many people find them easy to repair. Pressure-assist toilets are ideal for homes with low water pressure. Because the water in the tank is held under pressure, it flushes with greater force. The downside is the flush is quite loud. Vacuum-assist toilets have a quieter flush, which makes them ideal near bedrooms. The downside is these toilets cost more. Power-assist toilets have a pump that requires plugging into an outlet. These toilets have a quiet flush and a hefty price tag.

 According to the write-up, there are about four types of toilets in the market: gravity toilets, pressure-assist toilets, vacuum-assist toilets and power-assist toilets. Apparently, most homes nowadays use the gravity type. If you are on a budget, stay away from the last two types as they are more expensive than the first two. Anyway, let’s move on to buying faucets for your home. Check out this article to help you get the right tap for your bathroom and kitchen!

Faucet Buying Guide

Leaky faucets could be a thing of the past with top-notch valves and tough finishes now common on all but the cheapest models. Most faucets also have lifetime warranties that cover leaks and stains. We found few performance differences between brands. That’s why our advice is based on finish.

The exterior of some faucets are bombarded with charged metal atoms that chemically bond to the surface of the base metal in a process called physical vapor deposition, or PVD. Different metals impart different finishes, including nickel and bronze. PVD finishes resisted our best attempts at scratching them. But corrosives like drain cleaner can stain them slightly.

Chrome, another popular finish, is pretty durable but can be scratched if you rub it with a heavy-duty scouring pad. Just use common sense when cleaning your faucet and it will stay scratch and stain free.We tested single-handle pullout faucets, the fastest-growing style. They combine spray head and spout for added convenience and flexibility. But our findings are applicable to other faucets, too. Here’s what we found in our faucets review.

Hoping that you learned a lot of tips from my post that will help you get the right faucet and toilet from  Doral FL plumbing trade supplies. Browse my site for more information on plumbing taps installation and repair as well as guides on buying outdoor faucet parts. If you need professional plumbers for your home, just call Douglas Orr Plumbing at 305-887-1687 /  954-522-8282 or visit their website at!

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Your Dade County Plumber’s Workbook On How To Fix A Kitchen Faucet

Dade County plumber’s workbook on how to fix a kitchen faucetFixing a kitchen faucet may seem challenging at first. But once you’ve acquired reliable plumbing skills — even the most basic — then understanding and performing the repair process will be as easy as pie. It’s just a matter of identifying the cause of the problem and repairing it effectively. Why is your water smelly? Why is the tap leaking? Why is it rusty? These questions can be answered right away if you’ll troubleshoot properly. Just like what a popular DIY online magazine says,

“Doing your own faucet repair may seem daunting, but once you learn the basics, modern faucets are pretty easy to fix. In fact, the hardest step is usually finding the right replacement parts. In this article, we’ll tell you how to find replacement parts and show you how to stop spout drips on the three main types of single-lever faucets: rotary ball, cartridge and ceramic disc. We’re showing kitchen faucets, but you can fix most single-lever bath faucets using the same procedures. We’ll also show you how to stop leaks around the base of the spout. The tools you’ll need vary a little depending on the faucet you’re repairing. You’ll probably need an Allen wrench to remove the handle. Buy a set of small Allen wrenches, and you’ll be prepared for any faucet. Most repairs also require screwdrivers and a large slip-joint pliers.” (See full article here.)

As it’s mentioned in the article, you just need basic plumbing skills, proper troubleshooting and the appropriate tools and parts to fix a tap. So invest on your plumbing knowledge by reading resources and practicing; gather your tools and you’re ready to go! To make the project easier, let me share with you this step-by-step guide:


Turn off the water at the valves under the sink, and turn on the faucet to allow the water to drain. Make sure the drains are plugged to prevent small parts from falling in.

Use an Allen wrench to loosen the setscrew on the faucet handle, then remove the handle. Be sure to line up the faucet parts in the order in which you remove them. This will help you remember the correct order for reassembly.

Follow the Dade County plumber’s workbook on how to fix a kitchen faucet and you’ll fix your problematic kitchen tap in no time! And should you fail, don’t worry. Just hire the best Dade County plumbing professionals in Florida and they’ll take care of the problem for you! Plumbers 911 Florida provides only the best Dade County plumbing services including plumbing fixture repair! Reach them at 305-662-0668 (Miami-Dade), 954-468-0512 (Broward) or 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach)!

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Miami Home Remodeling Projects on a Budget

Miami Home RemodelingOnce you’ve been cheated or ripped off by a fly-by-night plumber,  it’s usually a bit difficult and even difficult to get your money back. So don’t let it happen to you. More often that not, when you encounter inexperienced plumbers your plumbing problems could just get worse.

This is why you need to do your homework before you  hire a certified and experienced plumbing contractor in Miami, Floridato do any remodeling or repairs at your home or business. It is always better to be at the inquiry side rather than not being sure and end up just wasting your money.

It’s best to get word-of-mouth references for a plumbing professional, because these come from satisfied customers. You want a real licensed plumber and don’t want to hire one of those jack of all trades contractor. These are the contractors that can get you into problems. The following is a guide to help you find the right professional.


Seven Tips to Find a Reliable Contractor

If a DIY renovation is not your style, no vendor is more important than a contractor you can trust to execute your design vision. National renovation experts share below the qualities every legitimate contractor should possess, and how to determine if a contractor is the best fit for your project. Follow this advice to find the pro who will transform your house into your dream home.


As a homeowner your home is your sanctuary, and as much as possible you want to keep it looking nice. This means doing some renovating which will make you feel more comfortable in the home, and will also maintain the value of the house.

But what if you have a limited budget for these renovations? Lucky for you there are more than a few low-cost plumbing and home renovations that don’t cost an arm and a leg, but do make your home feel updated and new. The following are a few inexpensive remodeling ideas you can start on once you have a reliable Dade County Florida plumbing contractor for your home renovations.


10 Easy Home Improvements on a Budget

A house may be made from wood, concrete, and steel but it is not an inanimate object. When a building is lived in by a family it becomes more than a house – it becomes a home. And a home an integral part of the family to the extent that it can take on a life and feel of its own. Be honest with yourself – how often have you thought of your home’s “feelings?” There’s no need to be embarrassed – everyone does it. And just like a living being, a home too can start to look stale and boring if it is not modified and altered once in a while.

At some point, during the lifetime of your home you are going to want to perform a remodeling project, and when you do, it’s important that you hire the appropriate contractor. If doing a bathroom remodeling job you want to hire a professional plumbing contractor, and when doing other types of remodeling work you need to hire a general contractor. Remember, there are many different types of remodeling jobs, and they don’t all cost thousands of dollars to complete.



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Broward County Plumbers Share Awesome Bathroom Colour Schemes

Broward County Plumbers Share Awesome Bathroom Colour SchemesAre you planning to remodel your bathroom? Have you already thought about the bathroom color scheme that you’ll use? Well if you still haven’t, I’m here to help you choose! The color of your bathroom plays an important role in keeping the room pretty and pleasing to its users. Imagine a toilet and bath with washed out or stained walls. What about a comfort with an odd mix of colors such as neon green and bloody red? Now these aren’t good spectacles at all, they can even hurt your eyes! So be very careful when planning your bathroom’s look and color. Read this article and check out these wonderfully designed bathroom color schemes!

Bathroom Color Schemes

Turn your bathroom into the retreat of your dreams using these beautiful bathrooms as inspiration. Whether you dream of a soothing bath with spa-like paint colors or a bold bath with a daring color scheme, our gallery of colorful bathrooms is sure to inspire. Browse new and newly renovated baths to find the color palette that fits your style and your home, and see what color palettes are inspiring the top designers. With its small square footage, the bathroom is the perfect place to try bold wallpaper, a bright paint color, or a different decorating style from the rest of your house. If you want to see what the color will look like in your space before you fully commit, test it out in My Color Finder. Use one of the sample rooms, or upload a photo of your own room, and see how a new color will look, before you even pick up a paintbrush.

Found anything you like from the gallery above? It’s okay if you haven’t. It’s normal for homeowners like you to be picky. After all, we’re talking about your home here — a property that you worked so hard for. Let me share with you another set of choices with the blue color scheme being the most popular in the group. Blue is pleasing to the eyes and radiates a soothing, cool ambiance that’s why it’s a favorite among homeowners.

“Warm colors like orange and red represent energy, while cool blues and greens have a soothing and calming effect, the makings of an ideal spa-style color palette. To start, choose a blue or green color you really like, and don’t shy away from darker tones.” (See full article here.)

I hope that the color schemes I shared on this blog post gave you some ideas if not helped you arrive at a final choice. And if you want professional Broward County plumbers share awesome bathroom colour schemes and help out with the renovation too, just give Douglas Orr Plumbing a call! They’re the most trusted Broward County plumbing company in Florida and they deliver the best Broward County plumbing services including bathroom remodeling! Reach them at 305-887-1687 or 954-522-8282!

Want to remodel your bathroom? Check out these beautiful designs!

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Water Damage in Miami is Expensive – Stay Away From It At All Costs

Water Damage in MiamiWater damages causes more home problems than any other home repairs. It is the one thing you always want to avoid as it can cause mildew and even foundation issues, which are even more expensive to repair. First, you must assess the problem and move on to doing something to stop it before it’s too late.

Where does this water damage come from? Obviously, there is a risk when you live in areas where tornadoes or hurricanes hit. Expert plumbing contractors in Miami FL suggest that water damages can also come from drains or pipes that leak or even from outside pipes that experience obstruction from things like tree root growth.


How to Prevent Water Damage

Preventing water damage is a whole lot cheaper than paying for repairs. Here are three easy prevention tips. Water damage is the No. 1 culprit that weakens your home’s foundation and the very core that holds your house together.

You’ve heard about core strength for your body. Well, water damage hits at the core strength of your house, eventually causing serious structural damage. Damp wood invites termites and carpenter ants; plus, it causes mold and mildew.


Besides causing home damages, water problems in Dade County Florida can also cause other expenses. For instance, did you know that your insurance rates goes up when you make a water damage claim.  And in some cases, your insurance company may even drop your policy, which means you’ll need to find a new insurance carrier.


Claims That Boost Your Insurance Rates

When should you make an insurance claim?

For many, the answer is a no-brainer: “Whenever I have an accident or suffer damage to my house or car.”Unfortunately, the decision about whether to file a claim is rarely so simple. In some cases, making a claim may cause an insurance company to raise your rates. In other instances, the decision to file a claim could put your name into a database that makes it difficult to get or maintain coverage in the future.


Bottom Line

So what do you do? The solution lies in preventing water damage, and you can do that by performing periodic inspections and routine plumbing repairs.  It will cost you a lot less  to perform small repairs and routine inspections than it will to fix water damage issues. How often should you call in the plumbing expert? Insurance experts suggest you call an expert plumber to inspect the water heater and the pipes at least once a year.



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Budget Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Projects Done Your Way

bathroom remodelA bathroom remodel can be very expensive but it doesnt have to be. Even when you  can’t afford a full bathroom remodel, there are a few things you can do to change the look of your bathroom. Most of these ideas are fairly simple, and when they do require the help of a profesional plumbing service company, the time involved in the project is not extensive,  which means it’s not an expensive project you need to save up a lot of money for.

Easy DIY Bathroom Projects

Create an unexpected look by trading a vanity for a versatile wall-mount laundry sink accompanied by floating shelving. Keep the grand sink from becoming an eyesore by dressing it up with easy-to-apply, self-adhesive wallpaper tiles. Center the pattern on the sink’s front and then carefully wrap it around the corners. Place seams on the sides, matching patterns as you go; trim to fit. Shelves hung beside and below the sink provide valuable storage space.


O.K so what if you need something major done? What if you need to install a new toilet? Well, this isn’t as major an issue as you might think. A licensed plumbing company may charge you a few hundred dollars, but you can also try this as a DIY project. Just understand what you are getting into before you start this project.


How to Install a Toilet

Is your toilet cracked or damaged? Did your kid flush something that’s blocking the line? Are you looking to upgrade your commode? There are plenty of reasons for installing a toilet, and many homeowners call in a plumber to get it done. However, if you’re reasonably handy, consider trying this one yourself and saving a few bucks. Installing a toilet is a great DIY project, and just imagine the sense of accomplishment (and relief) when you finish. This tutorial will walk you through it step-by-step.


Bottom Line

A bathroom remodeling project doesn’t have to be difficult. Even changing the curtains and bathroom accesories can make a big difference. And these aren’t expensive changes. But if your faucets or toilets are leaking and old, it may be more cost efficient for you to call in a professional plumber consultant.


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Go With Green Energy and Save Those Green Backs

 Green Energy To make this a better planet we need to find more ways to go with green energy, and in doing so,  we will also end up saving money.

Did you know that heating water accounts for 30% of the energy bills in most homes? So if you can lower that heating cost and add energy saving habits you’ll go Green, but you’ll also notably lower your electricity bill. By installing something as simple as a new tankless water heater you can lower your energy costs, save money, and better yet, save energy use.

Are tankless water heaters a worthwhile investment?

Heating water accounts for up to 30 percent of the average home’s energy budget. Some makers of gas-fired tankless water heaters claim their products can cut …
There are also other ways of saving energy and lowering your bills. For instance, you can change out your air conditioning or furnace filters. You could change an old AC unit for a new one, and even unplug appliances when not in use. The following eHow information I found, goes into further detail on little changes you can make to save money and energy consumption.

Energy costs such as electricity, natural gas and propane have increased dramatically and many people have been looking for ways to reduce their energy costs. There …

Final Thoughts

Saving energy is important because it makes you more environmentally friendly. However, it also offers an immediate savings in your pocket book.  You can lower your energy bills by as much as a third, just by making a few simple changes. Even if you do have to spend money on a certified plumber, in the end, you’ll end up saving more than what your initial investment is. 

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Instantaneous Water Heater Care & Maintenance Tips

instantaneous water heaterAn instantaneous water heater is truly a big investment for your home. It’s not a cheap appliance that you should just install, use and neglect. You might wonder why people still buy this kind of heating system even when the price isn’t very affordable for the masses. Well, for one thing, it saves a lot of money on operational cost. Since it only produces hot water by demand, it uses less energy. It’s also great for people who want to keep their basements spacious because the system doesn’t have a bulky tank. Last not but the least, when it is taken care of properly, it can last for about 25 years. It sounds very durable, right? With this said, let us share with you some tips on proper tankless water heater care and maintenance.

1. Watch out for the accumulation of mineral deposits on your hot water heater because such buildup may cause your system to overheat. You can prevent this by attaching a water softener to your water source which will be responsible for decreasing the level of calcium or lime accumulation.

2. Flush your instantaneous water heater once every 6 months or annually. You can either do this by yourself or you may ask a professional to do it for you to ensure that no problem will arise later.

3. To avoid freezing your system during cold weather, make sure that its anti-freeze feature is working properly.

4. If you use your clothes washer or dishwasher often, it is wise to just have a separate demand water heater installed for these appliances. This way, even if you use them at the same time as someone is taking a shower, the water heater won’t be pushed to its limit. The only issue is that you would have to shell out money on another heating system.

5. If you have a faucet or shower that doesn’t let out water well, check them. It’s possible that sediments have already accumulated in the shower head or aerator. Once you confirm this, clean them up and you may want to check on your water softener again.

We hope that you found these maintenance tips useful. Should you need water heater service in California, there’s no need to find the best Copperopolis plumbing experts in Calaveras County! Just call us at Plumbers 911 California! We provide top-notch Copperopolis CA plumbing services including septic tank care, kitchen plumbing appliance installation and many more! Reach us at 800-731-1139!

Want to learn how to clean a tankless hot water heater? Watch this video!

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What Methods Are Used On Underground Pipe Repair?

underground pipe repairUnderground pipe repair sounds like a difficult job. It is partly for the reason that an underground pipe is not as accessible as the ones attached to the walls of your house or lying around in the lawn. Since accessibility is challenging, application of repair solutions, quick fixes or even diagnosis require special tools and equipment. To be able to diagnose a buried pipe, plumbing companies use top-of-the-line cameras that allow plumbers to see inside the lines. Using high-tech camera locators, breaks, clogs, root intrusions and other problems are detected.

Signs That You Need A Pipe Repair

How would you know that a pipe repair is needed in your home? Well, there are plenty of signs to watch out for and they include but aren’t limited to these things below.

    • Your drainage overflows
    • Waste doesn’t get flushed down the drain
    • Water recedes slowly in your drains
    • There’s bad odor coming out from sewers, drains and pipes
    • Recurring blockages
    • You have rusted or broken pipes and dislocated joints
    • Your pipes are really old
    • Jet cleaning doesn’t get rid of the blockages

Types Of Underground Pipe Repair

There are several repair options when fixing an underground pipe. In general, it could either be trenchless or the traditional dig-and-replace method. Trenchless pipe repair doesn’t involve excavation or digging that often leads to damages in your house, your driveway or in your garden landscape. The traditional repair meanwhile involves excavation to be able to reach the pipe. Once it is accessible, replacement or repair may already be done.

When it comes to trenchless pipe repair, there are several options to choose from:

  • Cured-in-place-piping (CIPP) – The CIPP method involves pulling or inverting a tube made of polyester, fiberglass cloth or suitable material into a damaged pipe with the use of air pressure or water.
  • Pipe bursting – Pipe bursting is another trenchless technology that involves breaking the pipe from the inside in order to force the fragments outside and then drawing a new pipe in as a replacement.
  • Mechanical spot repair – This method involves applying fixes on damaged areas in order to give the pipe renewed stability.
  • Slip-lining – Slip-lining is used in repairing leaks or restoring the stability of existing pipelines. This method involves installing a smaller carrier pipe — usually made from PVC, fiberglass reinforced pipe or high density polyethylene — into a bigger host pipe, applying grout on the space between the two and then sealing the ends. This could be done in segments or continuously.

We hope that you learned a lot about underground pipe repair from this article. And should you need assistance with plumbing projects like this, just look for local Angels Camp plumbers in Calaveras County! Plumbers 911 California provides excellent Angels Camp CA pipe repair services as well as septic tank systems repair and maintenance, drain line inspection, commercial drain cleaning and many more!  Call us now at 800-731-1139 and we’ll help you out!

Want to learn how to solder pipes and fix water lines? Watch this video!

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